The I-57 - Delrin Series - Goose Call

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The I-57,  our most versatile goose call is now in Delrin!

The I-57 has a more classic short reed goose call sound and look.  This call has a just a little lower range to it than some of our previous calls but at the same time the I-57 call enables you to hit the high notes as well.   We made this call with thinner walls to give you a very crisp sound that will crack with each note. 

The name I-57 itself is a tip of the cap to the old I-57 interstate that runs through the heart of Illinois.  “Once” upon a time when Southern Illinois still had a huge migrating flock of MVP Canada geese travel here each year, those geese would use the I-57 Interstate as sort of a cement river to navigate their way south.  To this day they still use it, what few that do make it down.

NOTE:  There will be no white paint in the engraving when shipped. 



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