Shimano - Bantam 150 HGA - Casting Reel

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Putting unprecedented winding power into the hands of bass anglers, the Shimano Bantam A Baitcasting Reels utilize cutting edge technologies to dominate the heaviest challenges on the lake. Upgraded for 2022, the new Bantam baitcaster has been equipped with Shimano's Infinity Drive technology to provide unsurpassed reeling force. Simply put, this reel is built for the power game. Returning from the previous generation is the single-piece aluminum CoreSolid Body that offers unwavering strength and rigidity. This highly rigid frame resists flex and contortion to preserve the alignment of the reel's internals, resulting in exceptional transmission of power throughout the life of the reel. These features, combined with powerful and smooth MicroModule gears allow anglers to approach the heaviest of applications with confidence. Hauling fish out of thick cover and burning in those big, heavy resistance baits is no challenge for the Bantam A. More than just a heavy-duty fish winch, the Bantam A features Shimano's MGL III Spool with a decreased startup inertia, enabling anglers to cast further while providing them with the added versatility to fish a variety of baits and presentations. By providing more control over the spool's inertia anglers can place baits with exactly where they want them with the utmost precision. A reel with a reputation for toughness just got even stronger and more versatile. Big fish hidden in thick weed mats don't stand a chance against the newest generation of Bantam.
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