MOJO Mallard® Elite Series - w/remote ™ - Drake Floater

Product image 1MOJO Mallard® Elite Series - w/remote ™ - Drake Floater
Product image 2MOJO Mallard® Elite Series - w/remote ™ - Drake Floater

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The MOJO Mallard® Floater has proved to be one of the most popular of our Line of Spinning Wing Decoys.  Offering the significant advantages of not needing a support pole thus allowing the decoy to float and turn and often dance in a super realistic way, and easily deployable in deeper water.  Often ducks are more attracted to SWD's when the wings are close to the water.  NOW, MOJO® offers these same advantages in a Floater Decoy in their new, patented Elite Series.  Featuring all components in solid housing connected to the easily installed molded float, with the super quiet, flexible body.  Elite features result in a faster, quieter, smoother, more user-friendly decoy.  Equipped with state-of-the-art remote control.  Float conveniently snap locks on/off to the decoy housing with half turn.  Operates on 4AA batteries (not included) in a convenient snap-in battery housing.  Float designed to receive 11" threaded stabilizing bar with 14 oz lead weight allowing the decoy to remain stable in much rougher water.  Eyelet on float to accept anchor cord.  Available in MOJO Mallard® Drake, Bluebill Drake and Redhead.  Another added feature allows float to be removed and battery pack will accept standard MOJO® Support Pole.
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